What's new?

Slowly we all start to leave our houses, our lives returning to normal and here at the union we keep on working for you! Even now, the union continues to push for your academic rights (all over campus, faculties, and even specific classes). We reach for all sorts of financial assistance and continue the fight for residents of the dorms. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any problem, question or request: Herum@student.co.il

So, what's on the agenda?

The second semester's tests are coming closer and now is your time to make a difference! What format will they be? How was the teaching during the semester? Etc. vote and help us achieve the best conditions!

For the survey click here. 

Don't forget (or wait 😊), we asked for it and we got it! Seminars' submissions from the previous semester were pushed to August 5th, 2020. Second semester's and all year's seminars will be submitted by November 1st, 2020.


have you heard about the Rav-Kav's compensation's layout? We invite you to read the National Union of Israeli Student's message regarding the matter click here

Last week there were "open door" meetings with the faculties of exact and social science. Thank you so much to all of those who took part of the meetings!

Are you a life science of brain science student? We'll meet this week, on Wednesday, 18:00-20:00. Link for the meeting: Here 

humanities student? We'll meet this Thursday at 18:00-20:00. Link for the meeting: Here 

This Tuesday (tomorrow), at 17:30, there will be council' meetings with the representative of the different faculties. During the meeting we'll give updates regarding anything that is relevant for this and the previous month. We'll elect a new head for the publicity unit as well as a new chairman for our tenders committee. We'll discuss the changes to the union's budget due to coronavirus, we'd also discuss the two major protests:  the national protest that urges the CHE to take responsibility for the students all over the country, as well as our inside protest and its goal to reach solutions for the dorm's residents. We'll put up for approval the gifts for the beginning of the upcoming school year, and vote about the changes of the welfare and housing department.

As always, the meeting is open for students and we'd love to hear you out. For more info click here.

Living in the dorms?

The past few weeks you've shared with us the unpleasant feelings that come with living at the dorms. We've listened ade we want to continue this discussion so we can make changes for your benefit. 

Moran, the head on the housing department as well as Tal, the dorms' social worker, will conduct a discussion for you to raise problems, tell stories and share your thoughts about life at the dorms.

The meetings will be via ZOOM:

18.05 at 12:00 (ZOOM link)

26.05 at 19:30 (ZOOM link)


Our scholar?

We got you more time! We push the deadline to finish your time in a month. Your volunteering place was closed due to coronavirus? Reach out to us, we have alternatives. Either way, you'll get the money on time!

Need to be on campus? Don't forget to fill your health forms and send them to the university. We remind you that the libraries are open under restrictions of the government. Practical courses and labs will occur privately. For more information click here.

Were you asked to come to campus even though you are a high-risk group or there's no public transportation from your home? Reach out to us! Herum@student.co.il

Although it feels like we're back to normal, many people will live under restrictions - till a vaccination will exist. ZAKA and Jesta club invite you to join their project: "Not Left Alone". One phone call a day and together we can help them not feel alone. For more volunteering click here. 

Today! A fair trade Zoom conference at 19:00. The fair trade movement is an international movement that aspires to create fairness and equality in the international trading system and end child slavery, extreme poverty, etc. if you want to hear more and know how you can make a difference, join the conference! For more information click here.