Tel Aviv University's Students Union's Website's Bylaws

Dear student, 

We appreciate you choosing to enter the union's website. Tel Aviv University Student Union is a registered non-profit organization.

These bylaws help set the relations between the union and those entering the website.

As part of these bylaws, "websurfer" - any person and/or corporation. "students union" - including managers, employees, shareholders, etc.

Privacy policy:

  1. General:

1.1. The purpose of this privacy policy (the following: "policy"), is to clarify your rights and duties (the following: "websurfer"), regarding the way of collecting, using and sharing personal information given by the websurfer. Tel Aviv University Student Union (the following: "union") is a registered organization.

1.2. The policy refers to all genders.

1.3. Usage of the site and its services constitutes consent for the union to supervise your usage using "cookies", etc. the union may use all said information to maintain the site's quality and services intact as well as any other need it might have.

Please make sure you read the policy carefully, and if you don't agree with our terms please avoid using this website. The usage of the website will be seen as consent to our policy.

  1. Type of information collected:

2.1. Personal information that allows full identification of the websurfer, whether it will be collected automatically or provided by the websurfer (the following: personal information).

2.2. Personal information provided by the websurfer:

2.2.1. The union, might collect information provided to the site by the websurfer, such as: 

a.    Contact and demographic info - full name, id, address, email, etc.

b.    Education

c.     Professional experience

d.     Any other information needed to provide the site services.

2.2.2. The websurfer commits to provide only accurate information and hereby states the accuracy of said information. The websurfer is not obligated to provide information, but providing partial/false information will prevent usage of the site. 

2.3. Information collected automatically:

2.3.1. Also, there is information that the union collects automatically, regarding the websurfer's habits.

2.3.2. Said information is collected via technologies like COOKIES.

2.3.3. The union may collect information using third side parties to measure the site's traffic.

  1. Usage of personal information:

3.1. The union collects information for the following causes:

a.     Providing products/services including via the website.

b.     Contacting the websurfer.

c.      Matching Products/services that might interest the websurfer.

d.      Id the websurfer will reaching the union.

e.      Running the union's activity including: running inspections, checks, and financials.

f.       Meeting regulator duties.

g.      Defense against lawsuits.

h.      Any other cause expressed in the policy.

3.2. Also, the union and/or who on its behalf may send direct emails (under the definition of section 17c of the law of privacy, 1981).

3.3. To remove yourself from the mailing list, please contact the following address:

3.4. As stated, the websurfer is under no obligation to provide any information to the website, but as information may not be provided, the website might not meet said websurfer's needs.

  1. Sharing information with third parties:

4.1. In general, the union will not hand private information, partial or full, besides under the following guidelines.

4.2. The union will be able to pass information unless it's for one or more of the following:

a.     ounselor of the union.

b.     Organizations or companies attached to the union.

c.     A legal dispute between the websurfer and the union which requires revealing of private information.

d.    The websurfer will break the law.

e.     Court order.

f.      Any suspicion of fraud or security issues.

g.     Third side parties which provide services for the students.

h.    Any other case in which the union believes revealing information will prevent harm.

5.      Information security:

5.1. The union operates according to the standard protocol in the industry regarding its information security. That being said, no electronic measures can guarantee 100% security. Therefor, the union is taking measures to ensure the safety of users' information, including: (1) storing users' information for a specific period of time for specific causes. (2) the union has installed technological means to protect information. (3) the union will not be held accountable for any lose/revealed/ destroyed information.

5.2 The union will not be held accountable and is under no responsibility for and damdge/lose of any kind, whether or not they are direct, caused to a websurfer or third party, regarding personal information, its usage, etc.

6. reaching the union:

Any inquiry or question regarding said policy can be referred to the following address:

7.      Miscellaneous:

7.1. It's possible that the union will update/change the policy according to its decision.

7.2 the judjment authority for any differences/lawsuit that may raise regarding the website are under the authority of Tel Aviv District Court.