The Test Tube Study Center (HaMavchana) reopens on 30 December 2018. Come study in a cozy and quiet place. Don’t forget to bring a  friend or two. The center offers private rooms equipped with smart screens.

HaMavchana - the new Study Center of the Student Union is located right next to the ‘Safrut Zola’ printing center. 

What awaits you in the Test Tube Study Center?

• 4 large rooms to study with friends.

• Lecture room-  during the semester there will be lectures on learning skills and self improvement (starting immediately after the test period)

• Mentoring and exercises conducted by the Academic Department of the Student Union.

Coffee Corner. We got you covered!


Operating Hours

During the test period Sunday through Thursday between 09:00 and 22:00, in the two weeks preceding the test period: 09: 00-16: 00.

Friday-Saturday: closed

Rules and Regulations

1. Please note that it is possible to book a study room for a period of up to 3 hours only. Please note that when you exceed the allotted time, you will be forced to leave the room.

2. If the room is not occupied within 15 minutes from the time of booking the room will be considered vacant until the next booking time.

3. Do not exceed the length of the room reservation. Please be mindful of cleanliness.

4. If the room in which you reserved has too few people, the reservation will be canceled.

5. Each student can order a room in a test tube up to 3 hours per day and up to 6 hours in total during one week (a week is counted from Sunday to Thursday)

6. You can cancel a room reservation at any time, in order to allow booking by other students.

7. Students who do not come to the room in a "test tube" at the time they were saved without canceling the order in their name in advance - will receive a cancellation email. From the second time, their entitlement to reserve a room will be revoked for about three weeks thereafter.

8. The Society reserves the right to prevent the continued use of test rooms for students who have misused the rooms (eg noise, damage, etc.).

We are waiting for you in the 'test tube' between 'sefarut zola' and the chog hatzafoni'.


For more information: limudim@student.co.il


For reservations please follow the link