The Student Union operates a reach exams collection that assists students to success in their exams. As a part of our efforts to bring you the most updated exams, we invite you to participate in an exams collecting Operation. 

We invite you to take part in the competition and send us exams according to the rules!

So who can participate?

Students from the following faculties: Medicine, Exact Science, Humanities, Social Science, Arts and Management, and from the independent schools: Education, Social Work, Neuroscience and Environmental Studies of Tel Aviv University (that paid welfare fee) and got 85 or higher grade in an exam from 2010 and on.

The exam needs to be sent to: 


Want to participate in the operation ? 

Here are some key points:

·    The exam should be with 85 or higher grade and from 2010 and on.

·    The handwrite on the exam form and the answer pages should be clear and readable.

·    You can only send your exams. 

·    Please add to the Email your full name, ID number, faculty, study field, study year, Email address and your phone number.

·    For every exam that you send please mention: the faculty and the specific study field, the lecturer, first exam/second exam/third exam.

Pay attention: without those details we will not except your exam!

***we will not include previous exams in this exam count.


So hurry up and sent us your excellent exams and your contribution to the exams bank will assist thousands of students from now and forever!


For further questions email

To the exams bank