Know your rights and duties during finals period

Each lecturer must publish a syllabus detailing, among other things, the topics of the course, the requirements of the course, the student's duties and the composition of the final grade. The lecturer should stick as closely as possible to the syllabus.


Sample Questionnaire: Each lecturer must present the test structure in advance and publish at least one question similar to the questions that will appear on the final exam.


Presence of the lecturer: The lecturer must be near or present in the exam room until the completion of the examination. If the lecturer is not present, he must appoint an expert in the material who is capable of assisting the students with their questions. If one of the above conditions is not met, the student is entitled to a new final exam at a later date.


Later date:  Who is eligible for a later exam date -


A. A student who served over 21 days in IDF reserve duty during the semester.


B. A student who did not attend the exam due to reserve service.


C. A student who was in active reserve duty of 7-20 days and exam date applies within 7 days of the date of release.


D. A student who gave birth and the exam was conducted within 3 weeks of the date of birth.


E.  A student whose lecturer / expert proctor was not present during the examination.


F. A student who has received approval to take a special exam from his or her department and/or the "Teaching Committee"


G. Illness (with doctor's note) confers a special date only with the approval of the "Teaching Committee".


H. A student who has been given two tests in compulsory courses of the same year, who are held at a difference of less than twenty-four hours from each other. (Two tests within 24 hours rule. Example: If you have a test Monday at 9am then Monday at 3pm you receive the exemption. Or Monday at 3pm and Tuesday at 9am you also receive the exemption. Monday at 9am and Tuesday at 3pm you do not receive the exemption.)


Final Grade : The examiner must briefly state the reason for any loss points or, in appropriate cases, publish a solution for the examination on the course site.


Scores: Test scores will be delivered to the Department's secretary within three weeks of the exam (within four weeks). The "American" grades will be submitted [what is this?] to the department's secretary within one week of the exam.


Moad (Hebrew for test date) A and B: The format for the two dates is the same. The two dates are presented together by the lecturer to the department secretary. Publication of the second date at least one month prior to the examination date.


Appealing an examination: Each student is entitled to appeal an examination via the Department's secretary, provided that he has viewed the exam notebook before the appeal. A student may appeal within 14 days of publication of the grades on the notice boards. Please note: there are faculties with shorter appeal time.


Examination Examinations: The examination of the exam notebook is done through 'personal information to the student' (for a fee) or in the case of confidential exams in one of the following alternatives:


Students who wish to appeal will be able to review both the exam questionnaire and the answers they have marked. The exams will be exposed under supervision and it will not be possible to copy the exam, to the camera or to remove it from the exam exposure room. Each faculty will establish arrangements in connection with the place of study of the examinations and the dates for their examination.


2. Reexamination of the exam with the teacher / course instructor: At the end of the examination and before it has been examined and the grades given, the students meet with the course teacher. The exam questions and all the answers (the distractors) are presented and the teacher points out what is the correct answer and explains why. In case of objections there will be a discussion. As a result of the discussion, there may be changes and corrections in the definition of the correct answers (such as adding another correct answer, eliminating the question that all the answers are incorrect, etc.). The discussion and the actions taken in its wake preclude the need for an appeal.


3. If it is possible, a large pool of  prior exam questions will be gathered, which is accessible to all. Students may review it at any time. In each examination, a set of questions appears from this database.


4. A personal encounter between the teacher and a student or a number of students. This alternative is only possible in tests where the number of students is small.


Okay, so above we laid out your rights and details concerning test times. What about your responsibilities?


Exam Card: Must take the exam with an ID. You must bring a test card or a one-time test card.


Conducting an exam: All mobile devices must be turned off and out of the reach of the student. A student who is caught holding a cell phone during an examination may be convicted of a violation of exam instructions. The accepted penalty for violating the provisions: disqualification of the examination and / or monetary fine and  suspension from the university.


This is important!!! If it is proven that there was an intention to use the telephone in order to copy the examination, the student will be convicted of fraudulent examination.


And what about submitting essay / take home tests?


In some of the courses, the students are asked to submit a summary of the course or take a take home test. In both cases, the procedure for returning the score to the students is the same as above, meaning that the lecturer must pass grades to the department's secretary after three weeks from the date of submission of the work. During the examination of the work, the practitioner / lecturer must indicate the reason for any loss of points.


It is important to note that these procedures have recently been updated by the Office of Deputy Rector.


In any case of question, problem or clarification, you are invited to contact the Department of Academic Affairs of the Student Union in the Mitchell Building