My rights as a student

What should be on the syllabus?

The syllabus is a written contract between the professor and the students. As such it has to include the course requirements, list of the mandatory and non-mandatory articles, and of course the professor's contact information.

In addition, the syllabus must include all the aspects of the final grade (final exam, mid-terms, assignments etc.)

Students must receive the syllabus during the first two weeks of the term. Any change after the first week can only accrue under the permission of the students. If you have yet to receive the syllabus please reach out to our academic department: | 03-6407648.


Is the professor obligated to publish sample questions prior to the exam?

According to the regulations, the professor has to publish questions that reflect those of the test. The professor isn't obligated to publish a full test.

Please note that:

a. The professor wont publish irrelevant exams from prior years.

b. This information must be given at the last lesson of the term for the latest.

If the professor doesn't publish sample questions and you will not notify the academic department on time, we won't be able to help.


Must the first period test be identical to the second period?

Both tests should be as similar to each other as possible. For example, if the second test had more questions than the first one, please notify asap our academic department.


I submitted a test/assignment, how long before I get my grade?

The time frame can vary according to the type of test and number of examinees:

  • Exams and home assignments must be returned graded in 2 weeks. If the number of students is above 100, the time frame is 3 weeks max.
  • A multiple-choice test must be graded within 7 working days (10 for life sciences).
  • Summary tasks must be graded withing 3 weeks.
  • Seminars must be graded within 3 months.

FYI: the professor must return grades in time before the second exam date so students will have the chance to appeal, receive a response and decide whether or not to take the test again. Appeal can be submitted 5 days after receiving the grades, since you need enough time to go over the test and see the errors and mistakes before appealing.


Do I deserve a special exam date?

Special dates are given individually and only with the permission of the teaching committee. In special cases such as pregnancy, reserve duty or death of a first-degree family relative, you will be granted automatically a special date. In other cases, you must apply and be present for at least the first or second exam.


How and in what scenarios can I reach the teaching committee?

The teaching committee discusses unusual student's requests. Those requests can be submitted through the secretariat office of your unit or in the teaching committee form on your faculty's website.


Special rights for students that are about to become parents:

Pregnant students have special rights such as retroactively freezing their studies, submitting assignments late and special test dates.