Student Card

A student card is a students' identifying document, during their time in the university.

What is a Student Card?

As part of the registration prosses it's required to issue a student card with the student's name and image. This card allows the student access to text and libraries as well as financial benefits outside the campus (public transportation discount, property tax discount, etc.).

How to get your student card:

There are two possible ways to issue a student card.

Regular card:

A regular student card which grants said benefits to the student.

For any question or issue regarding student card, feel free to reach Shoshi Elgazi:


To order a regular card, click here.

Student card combining TAU credit card:

Your student card can also be your TAU credit card.

Joining the credit club grants you plenty of exclusive benefits and discounts on and off campus.

To order a combined card, click here.

** a student card is a personal card and cannot be passed on.