Academics & Student Rights

Here for you and for the next generation

Here for you and for the next generation

Students in parenting processes rights

The caregiver - for students in parenting processes in the faculty is the Director's Assistant.

Adjustments – a student is allowed to miss, due to a qualified cause (pregnancy, child birth, fertility treatments, adoption and/or obtaining a foster child) up to 30% of all the classes in every course, with a permission from the education committee and the teacher.

** A student that missed a course due to a qualified cause is allowed to postpone the course and redo it with no further costs if she didn't take the test yet.

Assignments – a student is allowed to submit assignments and homework in up to 7 weeks delay from the end of the period of entitlement.

** If the delayed submission date is in the next semester, the student will not be charged with any further costs.

Exams – a student, that due to a qualified cause couldn't take the exams in their regular dates (the first or the second), is eligible for a special date to take the exam in the courses that she took in the semester that she gave birth in. The eligibility is for one special date in every course.

** A pregnant student will be eligible for at least 25% extra time in every exam, and up to 30% from the total time of the exam.

*** A pregnant student is allowed to use the restrooms during the whole exam.

Enrollment's freezing – a student is allowed to announce on her enrollment's freezing before the first exam in the courses that she took in that semester and to choose if she wants to retake those courses with no further costs or to get a refund.

Studies extension – a student is eligible to extant her studies in up to 2 semesters with no studies extension fee.

Signing up for courses – a student that her birth due date is during the Biding time, will notify the relevant secretary in advance, to make sure that she gets all her rights.

Summer semester – an eligible student that missed more than 3 weeks during the year, will participate in the summer courses in order to complete her obligations, will pay the regular tuition cost instead of the doubled cost.

Rights in the campus

Parking – a student, from the 7th month of her pregnancy and until one month after her child birth, will be eligible for a parking spot inside the campus.

Copy machine card – a student that missed a class due to a qualified reason, is eligible for 10 photocopy cards for every hour that she missed.

You can pick up the photocopy cards and the parking permit from the Dean of Students, Mitchel building – room 222, phone number – 03-6408832, or email –


Absence – student's partner that is a student himself, is allowed to miss a week worth of classes due to a qualified reason, if he submitted the suitable forms to the secretary.  

Special exams – student's partner that missed classes and exams due to his child's birth (up to 3 weeks after the child birth) is eligible for a special exam date according to his class.

Nursing rooms around the campus

Sakler building – room 112

Shafel building – room 11 in the audiovisual lab

The Sorasky main library – the righthand in the entrance floor

The Brender-Moss library for social science, management and education – first floor

Sharet building – second floor, next to room 222

All the nursing rooms include:

A refrigerator, a changing mat, a couch, a table, decorative accessories.

For academic gender and parenting issues, reach out to the Student Union's coordinator:

Phone number: 03-6407648 or email:


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