Model United Nations Club


Do you dream of being a diplomat? Want to learn how to give a persuasive speech in front of a live audience? Want to meet new friends from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu? If so, Model UN is the perfect club for you.

Model UN is an academic program outside of the typical confines of academia. Model UN will teach you how to be an effective leader and competent diplomat. It's built by and led by students just like you - no prior experience needed.

Model UN is a program that seeks to simulate the atmosphere of the real UN. Discussion is carried out by negotiations and debate - the cornerstones of public diplomacy. Each student is tasked with representing a UN member state on a critical issue. Diplomatic proceedings are intense and engineered to closely mirror the actual diplomatic process at the UN. Student representatives are required to advance plans and documents in order to brainstorm solutions to thorny problems.\

Model UN instructs its members on contemporary geopolitics and human rights concerns. Participating students will deepen their knowledge of international law and the inner administrative workings of global institutions like the United Nations. The skills you learn at Model UN will sharpen your professional skills: the art of the speech, clarity in thought and presentation, brevity, team building, negotiations and persuasion, critical thinking, research and responding effectively to feedback.

In the coming year the club will build on it's previous success and accolades. We meet biweekly and host social nights to trade ideas and foster rapport among our members. We also arrange lectures from diplomats and experts. Our most talented and passionate students will fly to Europe to compete at international congresses.

To register please click the link.

Over the first two weeks of the semester we will be recruiting publicly around campus.