Culture & IR

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Department sees its goal as connecting the Israeli students to a variety of international groups and programs, in order to expand their personal and professional relationships and experience a rich and interesting learning experience.

As a part of this vision, the department gives the international students a chance to take part in the activities in the campus, such as parties, events etc.

In the department we welcome any initiative for more events and programs, which will include both the Israeli and international students.

Another service that the department provides is giving accesses to the international students to all the services, such as housing, welfare, social involvement, academy etc.

The goal of all this is to make sure that the international students feel part of the cultural life on campus, meet Israeli and international students and experience the special and multi-cultural environment in Tel Aviv University

As a part of the regular activities of the department, there are many programs that connect the international students, some of them focus on the connection between the Jewish diaspora population and the Israeli students.  


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