We invite you to participate in a special and enjoyable program composed of Israeli and international students studying in various programs at the International School of Tel Aviv University.

During the meetings (about 5 per semester), participants will engage in educational activities related to identity, team building, and awareness of Israeli society in all its forms.

In the second half of each meeting, group members will go together to top nightlife spots in Tel Aviv in order to spark and develop personal connections.

The goal of the program is to create a cohesive group of international and Israeli students who will engage in meaningful and valuable dialogue.

The project will be led by a Student Union staff member.

To apply for participation in the program please send your resume to:


Please write down your name and the name of the program you are applying for.

Attach a name, age, field of study and a short personal statement in English explaining why you want to take part in the program.

At a later stage of the application process, students will be called in for interviews.