Buddy Program


After long preparations, the Buddy program is open for registration!


The Buddy program is an initiative that aims to create a connection between the Israeli and International students on campus and make their experience a bit more authentic, by creating groups made of Israeli and international buddies that will attend our future events, explore Tel-Aviv together, or just hang out and get to have someone local to show them around while they are here, while being a part of the larger Buddies community.  


How does it work?

When you register, we assign you to a buddy group made of domestic and international student. These are your buddies! We organize events along the year that you will attend with your buddies. Otherwise we let you meet and hang out however you'd like (with our tips for the best things to do while you're at it, of course J). Also you'll have accesses to the bigger buddies community for interesting opportunities and for finding a quick friend to go to the beach with if your buddies are too busy.


Registration for Israelis - click here

Registration for Internationals -  click here


What do we have planned the year?

·         Our grand opening party

·         A language and culture exchange evening  

·         A tour of Tel-Aviv

·         Bar meeting

·         Movie night

·         And much more…


So if you're a local student who would love to get to know the diverse international population at TAU, or if you're an international student who's looking to meet some local to make your visit truly authentic, the Buddy program got you covered.


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