Management & Student Welfare

Coffee Shock!

The new coffee machines around the campus will help you wake up even from the most comatose lectures!


What sort of coffee and how much? *wait and see

Loading cards for the coffee machines: You can take a ticket and recharge it at the Mitchell Service Center.

Don't have any cash on you? No worries we have implemented a unique pilot program to charge credit! The pilot will operate in the Library of Exact Sciences, the Library of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Medical Library and the Faculty of Humanities (Gilman). The pilot will begin on Monday 26/11 and will last for about a month.


Coffee machines are located at various points around the campus:

• Medical Library

• Library of Social Sciences

• Exact Sciences Library

• The Central Library

• Faculty of Law, Trovovich Building

• Faculty of Engineering, Fleischmann

• Faculty of Humanities, Gilman

• Faculty of Social Sciences, Naftali

•Rosenberg Building of Jewish Studies

• UK Life Sciences Building

• Chapel Building for Social Work

• Mexico Building for the Arts

•Faculty of Management, Recanati

• Faculty of Music, Buchman


So how do you actually use the machine?





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