Keep our Campus Green!

You got up extra early and got out of the house quick... it's no use! The bus was slow, it's 10:05 and class starts in 10 minutes. But you cant miss that cup of coffee, so you sprint to the cafeteria. More bad news. The line is out the door. After what feels like an hour you finally get your hands on that hot cup of joe. Two minutes to go. You grab a sugar packet, slam on the lid and race off to class.

Did you know that over 900,000 (!) coffee cups are thrown away each year at Tel Aviv University? And lying in the trash next to each of those cups is a lid and an empty sugar packet or two. Without a doubt, it's tough to get through the day without that coffee fix. We hear you, we’re here for you. We seek to educate, not to lecture:

Each paper cup hides a secret: it's coated with plastic that makes it immune to biodegradation. 500 years from now, the cup that held your coffee will still be here.

Are we demanding that you give up on your morning coffee? Of course not (though in all fairness drinking one less cup here or there would do your bank account a favor.) Our request is simple: bring a thermal mug or carafe to school instead. Most cafes around campus are happy to fill your mugs and save themselves the cost of another cup. Forgot your mug? Don’t feel like buying one? Have your morning coffee, just this time lose the lid. Each little act adds up.


Here’s some more tips for making Tel Aviv University green (and saving some green yourself)

•Invest in a well-made, multi use water bottle.

•Print only what you need. Read the rest online.

•Driving to school? Arrange carpools with friends and classmates. You can even earn free parking.

•Familiarize yourself with campus recycling facilities map? .

•Research those cafes and cafeterias that permit multi-use utensils and mugs. It's never a bad idea to bring your own silverware.


What follows is a list of participating cafeterias around campus that award discounts for using your ‘Green Campus’ gear*.

•Echo (אקו) in the Sarat Building gives a one shekel discount off any meal.

•Green Leaves (עלים ירוקים) [what building?] (מרכז הסעדה, sorry I don’t know what it’s called in english). grants a one shekel discount off any meal even if you bring your own container.

•Shask (שסק) gives a one shekel discount off any unsupervised ? (pricewise) meal

•Yotu (יותו) in the Sackler medical building.

•Cafe Neto in the Gilman Building offers a large coffee at the price of a small for thermal mug users.

*Green Campus gear was distributed during opening week at the student fair.