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ASA is a sports association established in 1952 for students, with the aim of creating awareness of sports and physical activity and the challenge of activity and activity for students and academics, and is active in more than 20 institutions of higher learning in Israel, The organization has 13 branches throughout the country, and has participated in several important moments in Israeli sport and has achieved achievements in international competitions. Only students who hold a student card for the academic year of that year may take part in competitions.

The international ASA games of 2018 are the 50th championship, the Jubilee Games, the old ASA championship. This is the second year that the games take place in Eilat and are a sporting celebration in a wide variety of sports.

This year the ASA international games are expected to include the following branches (in alphabetical order):

· Field bikes - personal and group championship, three days, in the area near Eilat.

· Aquathlon - Individual and group championship, running (3 km), swimming at sea (400 m), running (1,500 m).

·Judo - Individual and Group Championship

· Wind surfing - Individual and group championship, three days. The Ofer Botzer Competition

· Rowing - Individual and Group Championship.

·Tennis - Team Championship

· Table Tennis - Individual and Group Championship

·Handball - Group Tournament.

· Basketball 3X3 - Group Tournament.

· Beach Volleyball 2X2 - Group Tournament.

· Bowling (group tournament).

· Squash - a personal and group eliphate.

· Group tournaments. Is not part of the Football League Halls.

· Field Run - There will be two competitions: 1) Individual and group competition. 5 km, part of the college league running 2) relay race.

· Swimming - Individual and group championship, 25 meters pool.

· Open water swimming - Individual and group championship. For a distance of 2.5 kilometers, at three laps of a track.

· Chess - Individual and Group Championship. The Shlomo Har-Zvi Competition


In addition to the various sports, the ASA Sports Leadership Conference also takes place in Eilat.


To the official ASA website

For details of the various competitions and regulations of each industry.


Thousands of students from Israel and abroad participate in this project.

The highlight of this project is the Winter Games on 17-20 / 03/2019


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