Shabbat with Friends

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. It is a day where we stop doing and start being. Shabbat is the day we most connect with ourselves and the people in our lives. 

Shabbat is as diverse as Israelis

Some celebrate with traditional song, ceremony wine and Hallah bread, others add their own flair.


We at the Student Union want every international student to experience the beauty of Shabbat.

In this spirit we are happy to announce the Shabbat with Friends project.

The Project involves 5 meetings over the course of the semester.

First you’ll meet with the rest of the participants and learn about Jewish culture and tradition.

 Then we match you with a local student or family.

Over the course of the semester you’ll eat three times with your new friends and family, then we’ll reflect on your experience in a closing discussion.

The Shabbat with Friends project seeks to introduce international students to Jewish and Israeli culture in all it's colors and stripes.

In addition the Project strives to inspire deep and lasting friendships between families and participants.

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